Affordable Jet Ski Rentals Laguna Beach CA

Looking for affordable Jet Skis to rent in Laguna Beach? Check out Pure Watersports in Dana Point.  We rent the best quality Kawasaki jet ski's at affordable prices. Give us a call with your questions, or call ahead to make a reservation.  We are here to help you with your rental.

Pure Watersports
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We help you get on the water fast! Our jet ski rentals are kept in the harbor, ready to go at our Dana Point shop. Laguna Beach residents can call ahead to check availability and to make a jet ski rental reservation.  

Affordable Kawasaki Jet Skis Rentals.

Enjoy a fun, fast and powerful jet ski experience in Laguna Beach.  You'll love our jet ski rental rates.
All Kawasaki jet skis rentals at Pure Watersports are regularly tested and well maintained to ensure they are safe and in good working condition. You will rent top quality jet ski which will serve you very well so that you can enjoy a high-performance jet skiing adventure. It is a mind-blowing experience which you can share with your friends and loved ones. Sometimes you may find it hard to find an activity where you can go out alone or enjoy time with your friends and family.  Jet skiing offers you the best of both worlds, so you’ll enjoy a unique and memorable adventure. Pure Watersports will help you to agree that we have the best jet ski rentals for Laguna Beach. 

Affordable Jet Ski Rentals Laguna Beach CA

For affordable Jet Ski Rental Rates, call Pure Watersports: (949) 661-4947

Visit Pure Watersports for Jet Ski Rentals in Laguna Beach/South Orange County.  You'll get the best combination of price, safety, quality and performance at a great rental price. Rent high-performance Kawasaki jet skis at affordable rates. You know the power delivered by Kawasaki jet skis.  Enjoy an adrenaline-filled jet ski experience!

Concerned about safety?  The experts at Pure Watersports take time to introduce you to the jet ski so that you can achieve the highest level of safety while zipping along on the water.  Are you a beginner?  Great!  You’ll find the introductory tips very helpful, so you can confidently enjoy your jet skiing experience. It's easy to rent a jet ski even if you visit the Pure Watersports during peak periods of high demand.

Just call (949) 661-4947 and the customer service team will guide you on how you can have the Kawasaki jet ski ready when you arrive, so you’ll enjoy racing around with your friends and loved ones ASAP.

High Performance Jet Ski Rentals

All the jet skis at our facility are ready and waiting for you. After you make a reservation, the jet ski will be set prepared before you arrive, so your time is spent on the water – not waiting around.  If you order one which can accommodate up to three passengers, you will find several of our reliable machines set ready so that you can choose one, complete a brief safety training and off you go.  Even if you are new to the area, you should not be stressed because we will offer you the necessary support you need to get the best bang for the buck. Pure Watersports sit-down jet skis are fun and safe to ride. You will feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you pilot a Kawasaki jet ski with your friends or family in tow.

Affordable Rental Rates

Jet ski rentals are provided at different rates depending on the day of the week and period. Jet Ski Rentals start at $95 per hour. Each additional hour will be charged based on the hourly rate. Depending on your budget, you could spend the whole afternoon enjoying the beautiful ocean. The pre-launch training and the condition of the units make your jet ski session very safe. You should book your appointment today. If you decide to opt for the morning rates, they will apply up to 11:30 am.

About Jet Ski Operators

At Pure Watersports, your safety matters a lot. Jet Ski operators should be over 16 years so that you can have full control of the ski and avoid instances where you might feel out of control. Each jet ski unit has a weight limit.
All operators should take into consideration the maximum weight limit to avoid cases where they can end up overloading the unit which can lead to accidents. Our team will help you with safety concerns.  Jet skis are available in different designs. Simply select your preferred design and enjoy riding.

The Pure Watersports Perfect Location!

Make sure to choose the perfect location for the jet skiing experience to be enjoyable. We have made it easy for you to enjoy your jet skiing adventure with our prime location in Dana Point.

Friendly and Experienced Professionals

Right from the time you call Pure Watersports in Dana Point, to the time you take your pre-launch instructional training, our experts will assist you professionally. Our team will guide you through each step so that you will be confident when you get on your skis.  People of all ages find our rental company to be very helpful. If you are looking for something new you can do with your loved one during the weekends, you should not hesitate to call us. We can organize the best jet skiing adventure for you to enjoy the weekend.

Adventure for Family & Friends

Jet skiing is a very popular adventure for singles, friends, couples and families. The pre-launch training session is quick and highly valuable. You can even form a team and go out racing on the jet skis. It is an experience which you will long remember. If you do not have a lot of experience in handling the Jet Ski, you can get the necessary motivation from other people in the team and end up learning something new which will help you in making your skiing skills better. 

For the best combination of price, safety, quality and performance at affordable prices.

Rent a high-performance Kawasaki jet ski at affordable hourly rates.

An adrenaline-filled jet ski experience. All Kawasaki jet skis  are in excellent working condition.

Come visit our store in Dana Point CA!

Best Jet Ski Rental Shop in Laguna Beach

Affordable Jet Ski Rentals Laguna Beach 

Pure Watersports
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Pure Watersports 

34671 Puerto Place
Dana Point, CA 92629
(949) 661-4947